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"Tammy is very warm, engaging and positive. Her reading on me was so astoundingly accurate when she had little to no details about me. Her positivity left me feeling recharged and hopeful for the future. I highly recommend her services for anyone needing some perspective, guidance, optimism and inspiration in their life at anytime."


"Wow, what can't I say about Tammy Staylon?!
Ever since I've known her as a child, she's had the gift of channeling and prophesying. Her messages are always spot on, as she's the Queen of Confirmation! Mostly I love her style on how she conducts client readings. Her organic approach of first tapping into the knowledge of your guides, angels, and ancestors is my favorite part. You must let her messages/downloads flow through, and 9 times out of 10 your questions have been answered before any cards were even pulled. Thank you Tammy for showing me the things I couldn't see, giving me closure on the past, and providing a genuine hope and excitement for the future. You bless us with your honest words and pure energy of love! "


"Tammy really has a unique gift! Each time I have gotten a reading with her I walked out feeling better than when I came in. A reading from her is like having a spiritual reading and life coaching session all in one. Tammy takes the time to go into detail about how to apply information from your reading into your day to day life. My favorite part about a reading from Tammy is that she speaks on things that only you, your guides, and God would know. Things like songs that are super special to you or symbols that mean a lot to you will come up during your session without you saying a word. She is the real deal! Her energy itself is very uplifting and joyous, you can tell she actually cares about helping you achieve your highest potential. I’ve had spiritual readers try to scare me by telling me I’m cursed and then ask for large amounts of money to “protect” me. Tammy is a breath of fresh air because she uses her gift to tell you how to protect and heal yourself instead. Don’t hesitate to give her a chance, you’ll be happy you did."


"Tammy is TRULY gifted!! Her spirit connection amazes me every time! She helps you feel comfortable as she connects with you and with spirit. Her uplifting attitude,  nay, her very essence is welcoming, joyful, and she really seeks to assist you on you journey here in this earthly realm. If you are seeking, you have found home!"


"This review does not do Tammy justice. The first time I received a reading from Tammy I was hesitant and skeptical, because I have never done one before. I could have not been more wrong. Her readings have opened my mind, heart, and soul. She could not be more accurate with the information she provided me and it set my soul free. She is gentle with her delivery and makes the process comfortable. I refuse to go to anyone else!!

With love, "

Emily Ann

"I recently had my second reading with Tammy, and yes.. Once again I got chills!
There is something about her innocence that sends her messages over the top. She truly gives all of herself during these readings and I'm unsure which of us is more excited when there is good news!
She clearly is a conduit for receiving messages and information from a higher power. And it brings years trip my eyes because she is so dead on.
The emotion and pure joy she experiences during these readings are only surpassed by my own!
I will most definitely have her read for me again!"


“All of the most significant and highly resonated readings that I’ve had have came from Tammy and her gift of being connected to the source the way she is. When I get a reading from Tammy I know I’m getting the best guidance and insight directly from my spiritual team because she is a true channel of light.”


"My experience with Tammy was very comforting. That's the best word to describe it. She has such a genuine caring energy that it was easy to enjoy a reading. A lot of the things that came up for me were reconfirming and connected with my current experiences. I'd definitely do this again."



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